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Los arqueólogos han encontrado esqueletos de gigantes y han demostrado que en la Tierra alguna vez vivieron gigantes

Such archeology is called forbidden, because if the evidence were accepted by official science, it would be necessary to change the books on the evolution and history of man. It’s simpler – refrain from speculating about archaeological discoveries that cannot be explained.

In February 2012, a group of geologists were following a gold vein in the same place. they continued digging until they reached the base of the gallery.

To their complete surprise, they found a tombstone that was definitely not made of ordinary rock. Geologists took a sample, and lab results revealed that the tombstone’s components included 55% 50-carat gold dust, 15% granite dust, and 30% tungsten. Furthermore, the analysis revealed that the composite rock had been manufactured using a type of technology unknown today.

Since Rosia Montana Romania is a mining area, several interesting discoveries have been made over the years, one of the most interesting being 2 skeletons of giants 10 meters high that were found in 1976, with their legs collected in a side

Lacking the equipment necessary to analyze such a find, the skeleton was sent to Moscow. Unfortunately, since then nothing has been heard from the giant.