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6 Qualities That Make Cancer The Most Intense Sign Of The Zodiac

Being one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac has its pros and cons — on one hand, Cancers are nurturing, sympathetic, and intuitive, but on the other, this can make them susceptible to all of the energy that they encounter, be it good or bad. Ruled by the moon, the emotions of Cancer are constantly ebbing and flowing, like the cycles of la luna. This makes Cancers the most emotionally in tune, but also the most intense, moody, and sensitive sign of them all.

According to Swedish astrologer Stefan Stenudd, the motto of a Cancer is “I feel,” and those words suit them perfectly. They are the nurturers of the zodiac, ensuring that their loved ones never feel neglected or ignored, even if it means putting their own needs last for the sake of someone else. Because of this, they have a tendency to love a little too hard sometimes, making them appear clingy, overwhelming, and stifling. This, along with many other reasons, is why Cancers are the most intense signs of the zodiac.

If you’re a Cancer looking to understand why your moods tend to fluctuate so often, or a friend constantly perplexed by this behavior, allow me to explain.

1. Cancers are motivated by emotional security.

As the only cardinal water sign, Cancers are quick to get things started — but for them, it’s all about the feels. They are actively seeking emotional comfort and security, and prioritize fulfilling those needs for the people they love, too. Cancers prioritize all the things that bring them solace, from their living spaces, to the food they eat. They love to make others feel right at home, and it’s something that fulfills them the most. If you’re ever visiting a Cancer’s home for the first time, make sure you allow them to take care of you, even if they’re coming on a little strong.

2. Cancers have an unmatched intuition.

Being ruled by the moon, Cancers are highly intuitive individuals. They use their sensitivity and gut feelings as a way to feel out people and situations, and it usually never leads them astray. This intuition can seem bizarre to others at times, but being ruled by the luminary that reflects the sun’s light down to planet Earth, they are in tune with their bodies in a way that can’t be explained. If you’re ever looking for advice from a Cancer, rest assured they will be able to intuitively assess the situation and offer you innate guidance.

3. Cancer individuals are highly protective.

Like a mother bear with her cubs, Cancer individuals are quick to protect the people they love from any sort of turmoil. Since they’re a cardinal sign, they actively ensure that the people in their circle are looked after. Your Cancer friends will always have your back, even when it comes to small things like making sure you’ve eaten or you have a place to sleep at night. These individuals will never leave you hanging, and will always ensure that you’re out of harm’s way.

4. Cancers never ask for any help, which can be intimidating.

A Cancer is a very self-sufficient and independent person. While they continuously prioritize others’ safety and security, they never expect people to do the same for them. While this can be impressive, it can also lead Cancers to resent people in their life quite easily. They hate having to ask for emotional support, but they really do need it. They’re sensitive beings, and having supportive people around who honor that is key. This zodiac sign may seem like they have it all together, but in reality, they too need a shoulder to cry on.

5. Cancers expect you to be emotionally intelligent, like them.

Since Cancers are highly emotionally intelligent, they expect others to rise to their level. This can be daunting, especially if you’re not quite there yet, but Cancers will inspire you to start managing your emotions in an honest, healthy way. They won’t put up with excuses, because they want to see their loved ones live life in a way that’s emotionally authentic. You’ll never catch a Cancer trying to hide their emotions, they lay their emotional cards out flat at all times.

6. They’re kind to a fault.

Cancers are probably some of the sweetest people you’ll ever encounter, and because of this, it can feel a bit intimidating — like there’s no way someone’s intentions are that pure. The rumors are true though: They treat everyone like family, and it may prompt you to reevaluate how you treat the people you love. There’s something about Cancers that makes you want to be more open and nurturing, but if you’re not ready for all that, it can be a little overwhelming.

7. Cancers may be soft, but don’t mistake that for weakness.

While Cancers do pride themselves in their kindness and emotional intelligence, they still have a toughness to them that can take you by surprise. These individuals are called crabs for a reason; they have an impenetrable outer shell that keeps the mushy side of them tucked away. If you’re only getting the rigid side of a Cancer, it’s probably because they don’t trust you. They know when to open up, and when to keep their guard up. The sensitivity that Cancers possess is a strength, but they won’t allow people to use it against them.