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10 Untold Secrets About Cancer in Love

Dedicated Lovers

Cancer in love gives it all to a loving relationship with their partner. It may take Cancer a little time to find the right partner and a little longer to fall in love. Once Cancerians get what they want they will do their best to keep healthy. To get to know someone suitable for their own character, Cancer will have to use their charm to attract a possible future partner. Cancer character is locked in a shell, so they have to wait until they meet the right partner.

Cancer isn’t an excellent first-time face to face talker. They’d struggle to speak out their feeling in just a few words. Usually, they make a mess when talking nonsense. But strangely it is fun to hear as they try to speak out their heart. Occasionally they are shy to the point where they can’t make the first move. Usually, Cancer in love will hold back until the right moment comes.

The Sense Of Self-Security

One of the particular characteristics in love for the sign of Cancer is the sense of protection towards home, towards the concept of family and tradition. Cancer’s insecurity leads them to be very selective and generally saves them from difficult situations. The influence of the Moon is very strong, and the emotions of Cancer vary depending on the alternation of the lunar phases.

Once Cancer has withdrawn into their “shell,” in the secure heat of private life, they will show all their inclination towards earthly and sensual pleasures. As it’s usual for every sign of water, their mood can vary from calm that verge on apathy, until it reaches the fury of a stormy sea.

Future Partner Of Cancer In Love

Once Cancer spots the right possible future partner, he/she will slowly open up. The Cancer in love will display to their potential future partner the real magic hidden inside them. Cancer will put this magic into use only when they’re about to fall in love. Their favorite partner will enjoy the fascinating world hiding inside every Cancer, just like the pearl hiding in a shell. Cancer’s expectation in love is to make it last forever.

They tend to love sincerely and will go through anything to get where they want to be. They will take their time to show their future partner how they feel. Their possible future partner should understand this.

They’ll have to wait for Cancer to make the next move of the proposal. Cancer will do everything possible to avoid rejection. If it happens, it will hurt them a lot and probably will take them a long time to heal.

What Cancer Need From Their Partner?

Cancer man wants from their partner some unusual demands. One of those demands is “babysitting” Cancer (more visible with the man). Cancer man just like Cancer women will demand to create a family as soon as possible.

Both male and female have a natural mothering instinct, so there should be no problem having a healthy family. The Cancer female will ask her partner to take care of her just like a prince would do with her princes.

She’ll demand a living place according to her likes. She will require a comfortable, clean, spacious, secure living place. The Cancer man, on the other hand, will demand security. Also, Cancer man will demand their partner’s attention to everything they have to say.

This may affect their relationship since some other zodiac signs won’t cope well with Cancer’s demands. Sagittarius and Aquarian tend to have a free-living character and won’t accept compromises.

Cancer and Jealousy

Cancer assumes a provocative attitude with the intent to analyze the reaction of their partner. To Cancer, jealousy is compatible with love. After knowing the possessive nature and the almost insane need for affection for Cancer, it is evident that jealousy takes most of their thoughts. Jealousy arises from that kind of symbiosis that Cancer establishes with their own half.

To detach jealousy from Cancer’s character is equivalent to a small trauma. To Cancer in love, it seems reasonable to dominate the partner to continuous checks and tests or to claim all their movements, if not the thoughts. Sudden appearances at work or at home will settle within the standards of the sign.

Cancer Man in Romance and Passion

Cancer loves to entertain in the game of love, and also proves to be very skilled in this field. Cancer’s approach, initially polite and delicate, soon reveals all the passionate side of this sign, and it will be tough to resist the charm of a person who is able to involve everyone in front of him emotionally. The romantic charge of Cancer man reveals itself entirely within the home, an environment in which he feels safe and where he can openly express his emotions.

  • Could be mysterious and weird sometimes
  • Uses charm to get the right partner
  • Wants love to last forever
  • Prefer to have a partner with money to offer financial security
  • Once they find their partner will start making future family plans
  • Making future plans may shock the new partner

Physical and psychological well-being, these are the goals that he intends to achieve. Failing this he tends to withdraw his life into a protective shell, but with the help of a thoughtful and reliable partner, all this can be avoided.

Once Cancer has achieved stability on a psychological and sentimental level, Cancer man will feel in seventh heaven and will prove to be a protective lover and always ready to satisfy his partner’s requests.

Cancer in Romance, Passion, and Jealousy

Sexually Cancer needs many initial reassurances. Once the gear is provided, they will reveal the other side of the Moon in bed which they keep hidden. So Cancer could deny the first impression made, upsetting partner with her hidden passion. Cancer is a pleasantly creative and passionate lover with whom no one mustn’t make the mistake of being too open, at least in the first few times.

From a sexual point of view, Cancer will be very suspicious and will fill their head with questions asking about partner’s previous love experiences. Therefore becoming jealous of those who had attended before is normal. There is no sex without love and vice versa. For Cancer, the emotional attachment is an irresistible impulse that spices their life. Cancer is shy and impulsive. They’re tender sin lovers, ready to put everything at risk for true love.

Love and Sex Life

Love and sex can’t be separated from Cancer as both play an essential role in Cancer life. Such is love life in marriage which Cancer tend to think a lot. Cancer is simple in nature so they will prefer a pure love and sex life too. Any complication along the way may bring confusion and probably will bore them. Love and sex life must be perfect or nothing, this way Cancer will feel better.

Through sex, Cancer wants to express love for the partner. Cancer reckons that this is a chance to tell their partner that they are the right one. While Cancer is demonstrating their secret trick, they want to make sure to be in control of the action. Taking control of the situation will make Cancer feel more expressive of emotions.

  • Will be a devoted partner
  • Will hold back from making the first move
  • He or she will try to avoid rejection
  • Expect partner to understand their hidden emotions
  • Just like the crab will try to hold firmly in love
  • Have a great heart
  • Sometimes Sex Is Never Enough

Born in one of the hottest seasons surely explains why Cancer is always demanding sex more often compared with the other zodiac signs. Yes, Cancer tends to live in the shell, but this doesn’t apply to the sex department.

If they start the act of sex, there is nothing to hold them back until they or their partner are fully satisfied. For the Cancer in love, sex is not a single role-play but more like a team player. They will make sure to communicate with their partner first and somehow must understand their likes and dislike

Cancer wants to make sure they get connected with the partner while having sexual intercourse. Oh yes, Cancers know how to love. They love at their best, except for one weakness. Demanding more from their partner could really be annoying. A partner may not fully satisfy with so many constant demands. Cancer could trigger the end of their relationship.

The End Of An Affair

Cancer will love with all their heart and will give love a real meaning. On the other hand, they could be possessed with love and may cross boundaries. Either partner may not handle the pressure and possessive attitude. This may make they end the relationship.

At this point, Cancer could become aggressive which is not what they should do at this point as this is not the way to bring back their lost cause. Cancer has excellent communication skills. Therefore communication should take place to settle new grounds.

Breaking up with a partner isn’t on Cancers list. If Cancerians aren’t loved as expected, they’ll look for missing love somewhere else.

Loving and talking about love or telling Cancer how lovely they are is the key to satisfy them. Otherwise, Cancer will feel the emptiness. Feeling ignored could make them break their relationship. Cancer with a partner will get along very well unless Cancer knows where to draw the line and not overreact negatively towards their partner.

As well Cancer partner should understand that Cancer is obsessed with more and more love demand. Partner mustn’t underestimate this. Cancer in love tries very hard to keep love alive and healthy. If cancer partner accepts the fact that Cancer is always demanding for more love and sex than relationship or marriage will survive.